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Communities In December 2004 we founded the first of our automotive community sites, DISCO3.CO.UK. This was in response to the release of the groundbreaking new Discovery 3 vehicle from Land Rover, and the failure of existing community providers to capture the enthusiasm for this new vehicle. The site was an instant success, and has rapidly grown to more than 6,500 members worldwide.

Following on from DISCO3.CO.UK, we launched RRSPORT.CO.UK for the then-new Range Rover Sport in June 2005, and Freelander 2 owners were covered with the creation of Freel2.com the following February. Sites for the Range Rover (fullfatrr.com) and Defender (DEFENDER2.NET) vehicles followed in early and mid 2007 respectively. With the launch of the Discovery 4 vehicle in autumn 2009, DISCO3.CO.UK was co-branded as DISCO4.COM to welcome owners of the new vehicle onto a re-branded version of the site. Sites for the Range Rover Evoque (babyRR.com) and Discovery 5 (2017) - DISCO5.CO.UK - came as the vehicles were launched.

These sites now form a family of community sites incorporating forums, galleries, wikis and an online shop selling vehicle stickers, parts and accessories related to the sites and vehicle ownership.

The sites were developed using PHP, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and is hosted on a dedicated server with our UK hosting service.

Visit our communities at DISCO3.CO.UK, DISCO4.COM, RRSPORT.CO.UK, Freel2.com, fullfatrr.com, DEFENDER2.NET, babyRR.com, DISCO5.CO.UK